Well Earned, Part 2

I am 6’3″, all legs, in great shape, powerful and built. However, that is not enough. Skill does play a monumental role in Thai kickboxing. The sport is physically grueling. Therefore, you need to think to survive. Outsmart your opponent. If you fight too hard, you run out of energy. Imagine being stalled on railroad tracks from running out of gas, all power gone in your car, you look up and see a locomotive coming down the track full steam about to mangle you and your vehicle. I would rather stick needles in my eye than go into the ring without a strategy. I would suffer less harm from the needles!

OK, now I am fatigued and need to use my head. Rough first round. I was the best green belt at my school, and this guy was knocking me around. Somehow I do not think he was a green belt. Rumor had it he was in a higher belt category but decided to enter the green belt category anyway. I would need to think fast.

The second round commences at the sound of the bell. My opponent is 6′ tall, so I have a slight reach advantage. Keep moving. It’s hard to hit a moving target. The bell rang and we again had a salvo of exchanges. Mayhem. I needed to outsmart this guy; he was fast, mean, wild, and as solid as El Capitan in Yellowstone. I faked a front roundhouse kick to his mid section. He slightly dropped his guard to block the kick. With that same leg, and in the same motion, I snapped my leg up and smashed the meat of my foot across the right side of his eye and temple. It was solid contact. I saw his eyes roll into his head upon contact.

“FOUL!” cried the referee who was now getting agitated. Another foul and I would be disqualified. However, I could not help myself, my opponent was out for my blood. Desperate times require desperate measures. I do love that move and usually score with it. It drew a huge gasp from the audience. I performed the move perfectly. Mr. El Capitan saw it coming too late. I was too fast. He admired my agility through his foggy head. His vision was impacted, and he became tired and dizzy. He was mine. I scored several more body shots to gain points.

The second round ended and we were both exhausted. This fight was over and I was victorious. I would have three more fights to go to reach the championship of the green belt tournament.

I sat outside the ring and watched the next match. Two more trained green belt gladiators about to do battle. The winner moves on, the loser goes home. This was going to be a long, long day!