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Women and Incontinence. Part 2

Both Wagner and Fowler underwent surgery with Kerr to correct their incontinence: a bladder neck suspension, in which the bladder is lifted up and placed in a sling or hammock that has been surgically attached.

Women and Incontinence. Part 1

Breaking the Wall of Silence to Help Women Overcome This Problem It’s now described as being “wet,” and for the estimated 17 million to 25 million Americans who suffer from it — the overwhelming majority of which are women —…

Gerber Harness & Handstrap

I have found this item to be particularly trash can worthy solely from the embarrassment factor that we experienced while we used the harness in public.


Cheyletiellosis is caused by several different species of Cheyletiella and have been affectionately nicknamed “walking dandruff”. They are just large enough to be seen by a very keen eye, or with the use of a hand lens. These mites do…