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Nature Nine

Activity: Nature Nine What you’ll need: Large-square graph paper Scissors Cardboard or oaktag Glue Small plastic bags

Strategies to Help Your Child Stay Organized

My 7-year-old son gets excellent grades and has many friends. However, he’s disorganized about some things, like getting ready for school each day and doing his homework. Although he completes his homework and it’s neat and perfect, I worry because…


I’ve been married for 15 years, no kids, and we have a great sex life. Why does my husband persist in hiding girlie mags? We’re both dedicated nudists, spending every holiday at nudist resorts. I’m flabbergasted and hurt.

Sex Secrets

Tropical islands are the sexiest places on earth. Every scented breeze feels like a caress, and life moves at a slow, languorous pace that leaves you free to follow the rhythms of your own desire. It’s too hot to wear…